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Question of the Week 4/27/04:

This week's question comes to us from young Naomi Wiltzius of Colorado. It's an election year, and past elections have brought us such immortal phrases as "strategery", "the Lockbox", and "a thousand points of light." We'd like to know:


"Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated."

I fully expect to see that old lady from the "Where's the Beef?" ads shouting "Where's Osama?"

"Ward, can't you talk to the Nader?"

Four More Wars!

"My name is Keith W. Baker, and I approve this message."

George.... You're fired.

Catch phrases are so last century.  What we need is a catch-URL.  Happily, there's:

Let me just say, whoever coined the word "Iraq" is a political genius.  Everybody's using it!

Who says the latest job numbers have to be a downer?  President Bush says, "The word 'unemployment' just doesn't adequately describe the free-wheeling, fun-loving lifestyle of today's jobless person.  Say goodbye to 'unemployment,' and say instead: 'HELLO, UNEN-JOY-MENT!'"

Rebublicans always want what's best for the little guy!

"Vietnam!"  Kerry can work that into a speech on any topic: "When I served in Vietnam, I knew two forlorn privates-first-class who wanted nothing more than to get married...."

God speaks through the burning Bush!

Exercise your right to vote in November - elect W! Because after that, you won't have a vote!

"What mistakes?"

In foreign policy debates, no one can defend themselves against the sledgehammer insult that is "Fallu-ZER!"

BUSH! not just for breakfast anymore...

Not no more national-buildingery!

You know, for KIDS!

We got yer civil rights right here.

"Re-Elect Bush 2004! [As If You Had A Choice Anyway]"

"Vote Bush! [We Know Where You Live!]"

You're Americans - Why settle for the lesser of two Evils?

Vote Nader! You KNOW you want to!

"I got Dick"

Vote Bush! As if it matters.

What'cha gonna do when they come for you?

Vote Nader! How much worse could he possibly be?

"He Dood It!"

Vote Bush, 'cause this time we're takin' names

John Kerry: Vote for him before you vote against him.

Vote for "New Bush", now with more integritation!

You are sheep and W. is your shepherd.

Support Terrorism more in 2004! (((this ad paid for by the people against president Bush foundation)))

"October Surprise (#1)"

"Torture, shmorture"


Sadly, "Heil Bush" comes to mind

"my husb-Bush"

"Icesama" (Bin Laden's body to be thawed out as that October Surprise)

Doody-head.  As in, "John Kerry is a..."  Of course, this will automatically enter "I know you are, but what am I?" into the campaign lexicon as well.


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