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Lee Moyer--Lee is an extraordinarily talented artist who has collaborated with me on a variety of projects, including At Your Service from Atlas Games and that WotC Setting Search thing (perhaps you've heard of it). Check out his website! And while you're at it, take a look at Annaliese Moyer's photography site!

David Esbri--An excellent illustrator and designer whose work has recently been seen in the RPGA's Mark of Heroes campaign. David and I are plotting on a secret project together, so keep your ears open!

Claudio Pozas

Other Companies That Have Published My Stuff:

Ellen Baker--It's the lovely and talented Ellen Baker, the power behind the cow!   (plus she's this site's webmaster)

Blood and Cardstock! --This independent game company is the brainchild of the brilliant Joan Wendland, the Queen of Cards. Stop by and check out the current roster of cool games! online home of our good friends the Looneys.   There's lots to check out here, including a multitude of games.